Aqua Broom Pool Vacuum Cleaner

The Aqua Broom is a totally affordable independent and self contained battery powered, dual function vacuum cleaner for smaller pools, spas, hot tubs, inflatables, portables and kiddy pools. It operates on five standard, over the counter D-cell batteries. All pool debris is collected in an easy to replace long life reusable on board filter bag. It attaches to any standard pool pole for extended reach to clean the hard to reach areas of any pool or spa, or may be had held for spot and quick cleanings.

Sonali Gorman

I love all of product from Sam's Club. When I was buying Aqua Broom Pool Vacuum Cleaner in that shop, it is on my street, there are so kind assistants. Many thanks!

Kylie Atkinson

I use Aqua Broom Pool Vacuum Cleaner everyday and I must say that I really LOVE it! Thanks Sam's Club for great services.

Harold Springer

It's another awesome product from . You cannot go bad with this purchase at Sam's Club .


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